Some further ideas that my Digital Artefact has undertaken since the pitch video are looking into academic articles to solidify my information and back up any research claims. Now that I have tweaked my analytical framework, in every blog post I am looking at different perspectives of microtransactions and the positives and negatives of each party, (the consumers and the developers).

The obvious points from the developers standpoint is monetisation in all video games is a quick way to make money, as the gaming culture and community can sometimes be notorious for its addiction and obsession over some titles. However I also am looking into the financial figures of monetisation in games to see whether these outcomes are for the greater good. For example, in my Fortnite blog although the game is free, Epic Games (developers) made billions of dollars alone off of the Battle Pass and ‘V-Bucks’ from 2018-present.

Using Reddit as a main platform for online feedback was also a very valuable inclusion since my pitch video. The way Reddit is constructed is perfect for creating discussion amongst people who share the same hobbies and interests as you. It was already been extremely helpful for me.

Lastly, an achievable goal that I aim to accomplish is having some ‘takes’ from gamers in their respectable community that is in context with the blog. i.e FIFA gamers will be asked for their takes on microtransactions in those games and how much of an impact it has on the playing experience when I write my sporting game blog next week. A consistent level of feedback and staying active is something a lot of users on reddit said is a good way to start up. This accompanied in my blogs can hopefully boost my credentials as a creator and establish an online presence.

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  1. Great work getting engagement going with your DA! It looks like you have consulted with a lot of Reddit users on the best ways to improve the social utility of your blogs. It is also great that you have refined an analytical framework from which to base your blogs on. I think that the general sentiment that microtransactions are just to make money has some basing, but it would be interesting to see if you are able to find other reasonings behind them which aren’t obvious to consumers. I haven’t fully read this article but through scanning, I found great discussion on the types of microtransactions (pay-to-win, additional content, cosmetic changes, pay-to-clean) and reasons for microtransactions in games (eg. games are expensive to make) – Nenand Zoran Tomic, ‘Economic Model of Microtransactions in Video Games’ (https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/233120305.pdf).

    I was shocked by the statistics you put forward in your previous Fortnite blogs about the income made, and look forward to other statistics you can gather for other games. And if you would like to talk about a FIFA player’s perspective on microtransactions, send a message and I’d be happy to help. Keep it up dude!


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