Peer Engagement! Post C

Comment 1: Hussein Hijazi

A recommendation of an iteration in Hussein’s project that I would like to see was for him to reach out to graduated students about their lives after grad! His DA focuses on breaking down the stigma of having to go straight into employment right after you graduate. So I thought it would be interesting to organise a small interview with some ex-students. (Preferably reaching out to them via Twitter through hashtags and/or through the Digital Media Society). This would add another level to his DA with real-life student examples to help current-students be at ease.

I also provided a weblink for Hussein that can give him a bit of background research for his blog post series that focuses in on the stigmas that can be broken down. This way he can focus on one blog at a time, with a different topic for each blog.

Hussein’s choice of project is very well-thought out, with a large pool of stakeholders, which is students graduating. That is a large audience to accommodate for which means he will be able to get a consistent loop of feedback.

Comment 2: Stephanie Jory

As Stephanie was looking at the future of e-commerce and online retail shopping, I decided to recommend her some sub-reddit groups as she said she was struggling to find a niche audience and some consistent feedback. I also dropped a comment about how helpful Reddit was to my DA in shaping my notes about VR, with redditors commenting their opinions on my work. If she combined her DA marketing on Twitter, Reddit and other social media platforms, it is a good combination to gain some meaningful feedback.

Something interesting that I thought would work well in her DA is in her final blog post of the semester, she should look at the distinct differences between online marketing for brands and traditional marketing that would see in person or in a public place. Social Media has allowed this phenomenon to exponentially grow as there are tools and software made simply for marketing your business, for example Shopify.

I also suggested to the fact that she should investigate into why online shopping has become so fastly growing, this could be a interesting point to bring up in her final blog post in her DA.

Comment 3: Alicia McFadden

I started off by applauding Alicia for the layout and structure of her DA, it was very aesthetically pleasing and the visualisations simplified her points and made her project idea, the use of Augmented Reality in shopping, very clear. Alicia wanted to look at how COVID-19 has also burdened online businesses and how the use of these VR and AR softwares can help benefit their business through the use of technology.

Alicia spoke on how she was trying to use Reddit as a source of engagement and gain some meaningful feedback. She also said that she couldn’t find anywhere where her DA fits amongst the platform. I went and found some sub-reddits that may be useful to her and told her to consider these, and post your youtube videos in here to see if you acquire some feedback.

I also alluded to the fact that QR codes have been becoming more mainstream in the past year, due to COVID-19. This may be an indication that Augmented Reality is quite close to being introduced everywhere, retail, hospitality, hardware etc. As I am focusing on VR in my DA too, it has been really good to see some excellent ideas in other students work that may be important to future society.

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