The Virtual Reality Rise Contextual Report

As someone who has always been interested in Virtual Reality and the trajectory path that technology is on, this idea for my Digital Artefact came naturally and quite quickly in the early stages of the semester. One thing that has limited myself in this assessment is not sticking to my project timeline, I had plans to weekly blog from week 10-onwards on my development however could not even post one blog.

I shot myself in the foot by not doing this as now I only can rely on Reddit for feedback on my work. I looked at a lot of background sources when it came to my research in order to get the most professional takes possible in my video essay. These were all focused around the 4 headings in my video essay, education, surgery, fitness and e-commerce. A reference list will be provided at the conclusion of this post. I found quotes from professionals in their respective fields of all four of these points in order to solidify my arguments on the positive potential Virtual Reality will be having amongst society in 25 years.

Despite not having a online presence for my Digital Artefact, my weekly visits to Reddit were extremely insightful and I was given DM’s by redditors to read there papers on how VR can effect the future. Although I really wanted to, I didn’t add it into my final video essay as it didn’t line up with my views. My utility was valuable in that aspect however failed in the project timeline aspect. They would be my highlights and lowlights of this experience. If given more time I would have liked to interview or speak to someone online who has worked on developing Virtual Reality equipment and understand the process and to see from their passion and perspective.

I also quoted one of my BCM cohort in my video essay as it was too good to not bring up her great Digital Artefact. Alicia’s beta video talked about how retail stores are using Augmented Reality to change the way people shop. It fitted in nicely into my argument, and I credited her accordingly.

Some prototyping that occurred throughout the semester was a complete 180 degree change in ideas, at first I was looking at how VR can negatively affect children’s growth and social development, after my pitch feedback, I think I made the right decision to look at the positive arguments as they outweigh the negative tremendously.

This helped me sub-categorise into four points like I had in my final result to emphasise the observable patterns that can contribute to the positive future Virtual Reality has on society.

Reference List:

Gao, C, Bai, Y & Goda, B 2019, ‘Are We Ready for a VR Classroom?: A Review of Current Designs and a Vision of Future Virtual Reality Classrooms’, in Proceedings of the 20th Annual SIG Conference on information technology education, ACM, pp. 39–39.

Louise Green, C.P.T, 2020. 6 Ways Virtual Reality Workouts Have Changed My Exercise Game.

‘The future surgical training paradigm: Virtual reality and machine learning in surgical education’ 2020, Surgery.

Images are credited accordingly in the video.

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