The Virtual Reality Rise Contextual Report

As someone who has always been interested in Virtual Reality and the trajectory path that technology is on, this idea for my Digital Artefact came naturally and quite quickly in the early stages of the semester. One thing that has limited myself in this assessment is not sticking to my project timeline, I had plansContinue reading “The Virtual Reality Rise Contextual Report”

My Tweet Curation! Post D

These weekly screenings have given me an insight into what can maintain a meaningful online presence. I was able to understand and learn how to create engagement amongst my peers via the #bcm325 hashtag. From weeks 6-12, I believe my tweeting-game has gotten better comparison to weeks 1-6. I was very rusty in the earlyContinue reading “My Tweet Curation! Post D”

The Virtual Reality Rise – Beta

My Digital Artefact has gone under some iterations since my last pitch update. I believe with the feedback I have received from Reddit, my video-essay project along with accompanied blogs can have a positive impact on stakeholders and people interested in the topic of Virtual Reality’s trajectory. As I Progresso into the later stages ofContinue reading “The Virtual Reality Rise – Beta”

Lovin’ the Live Tweeting, Self Evaluation Summary. BCM325

To evaluate my tweeting over the semester…. It was extremely evident that the more humorous, clever and relevant your tweets were, the more engagement that you would receive from your peers. I had a lot of dead tweets such as this one, which was an article link that focused on background information. A correlation IContinue reading “Lovin’ the Live Tweeting, Self Evaluation Summary. BCM325”

Engaging with my Peers DA’s

Blog Comment 1: My first comment was on Rachel’s DA, which focused on how her business is the centre of how influential social media marketing will be in future years to come. I found this really compelling simply because Rachel was able to tie in two massive projects in together as one. Online businessesContinue reading “Engaging with my Peers DA’s”

JRNL301 Explainer, Breakdown in COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Map: Coronavirus cases, deaths, vaccinations by country, is a BBC News published explainer that is written and designed by ‘The Visual and Data Journalism Team’. After some researching, the team that creates and covers data journalism for BBC News is 20 journalists, designers and developers, ‘Data Journalism at the BBC’. This team also createsContinue reading “JRNL301 Explainer, Breakdown in COVID-19 Data”

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